Difference Between A German Shepherd And A Chihuahua And Act Essay

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Everyone makes judgements of their surroundings: it’s a part of being human. We fit things into groups, like pets, scary things, or things we can sit on. Within these groups, there are smaller groups, like separating pets into dogs and cats. Those groups can continue to get more and more specific. At a glance, a person can determine the difference between a German Shepherd and a chihuahua and act accordingly. This is true for people too. Our society claims to be “colorblind,” but when was the last time you really couldn 't tell the difference between an elderly Black woman and a Japanese man in his early twenties? The difficulty comes in “acting accordingly.” It is completely acceptable to have prejudices about how you would treat different dog breeds, and about how you would expect that dog to react. People, however, are more complicated than “man’s best friend.” We delude ourselves into thinking we have no biases, when our time would be better spent admitting them and working against them.

We have formed more subgroups for other humans than for anything else. Subconsciously, we form groups for races, regions, schools, hobbies, genders, ages, what hand is dominant, how breakfast is eaten, anything from the most immediately apparent to the most trivial. As social creatures, we like to feel like we belong. People will form bonds based off shared traits, interests, and experiences. The mind will make groups based on those shared bonds. A few left-handed children might bond…

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