Essay on Differece Between Instruction and Curriculum

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Using evidence from the syllabus of your subject area at a pre-tertiary level of education in Ghana, discuss the dominant curriculum orientation(s) underlying the instructional programme.

Science education has always been a part of the Ghanaian (and Sub-Saharan) culture. Modern education in Ghana came with the advent of European missionary and mercantile enterprises, and has largely become the vehicle for social upward mobility. Education in general, and science education, for that matter, is serious issues for all Ghanaians.
Curriculum orientations are beliefs about what a school curriculum should achieve and how teaching, learning and assessment should occur (Eisner, 1970). The most fundamental concern of schooling is
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This has brought about a new movement in methodologies, whereby “best practices” are being viewed as the provision of more hands-on, minds-on experiences. This is a new phenomenon in the Ghanaian scene, and may bear some counter-culture implications. Although it will take time for the teacher-sages to step down from their “stages,” and the students to move from their relatively “passive-assimilators-of-knowledge” roles to engage their teachers in science discussions, this new movement is a step in the right direction.

Teacher beliefs about curriculum design may be defined as a set of value premises from which decisions about curriculum objectives, content, organization, teaching strategies, learning activities and assessment modes are made (Cheung & Ng, 2000). Undoubtedly, teacher beliefs about science curriculum design affect the quality of science education in schools. If a teacher does not believe that a particular design is valuable, the implementation of the curriculum may be not effective at all. The teacher may even alter the intended curriculum to make it more congruent with his or her own belief systems or classroom context.
Four major orientations to the Ghanaian Integrated Science syllabus were identified in my study by evaluating the various orientations underlying it. It is important to note that no science curriculum reflects only one orientation.
Academic Curriculum
This is the oldest and most widely used

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