Dieting Does More Harm Than Good Essay

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The first thing that people will think when they heard a word diet is about eating less and it is unpleasant weight loss regimen. According to (Wikipedia, 2014), the meaning of diet is “the sum of food and drinks consumed by a person daily” and it is relate to developing a positive relationship of food and eating. Diet can be done on a healthy way or it may be lead people to harm themselves. A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve overall health and will impact on a good health. Harmful diets happen when people fail to provide their body with the correct amount and types of nutrients. (Farah, 2013), she claims that people nowadays are more obsessed with beauty and perfect appearance rather than a good health. It is a main reason why people tend to throw themselves in a diet activity. Where the truth is we come in a variety of shapes and sizes, mostly determined by our family genetics. We cannot change our genes, if our blueprint means we are large and muscular, we cannot change this without great cost to your health and wellbeing. A wrong way of diet gives more harm to them who stuck in an unhealthy diet activity because it will damage their body from the internal to out. As for me, dieting will cause more harm rather than good.

First of all, based on one of the harmful effects of diet is it can cause lack of essential nutrients needed by our body. Calories, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals are some example of…

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