Dieting And Exercising: The Challenges Of A Healthy Diet

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In this research, I conducted many journal articles that contain information on dieting and exercising. Dieting and exercising is very important in order to obtain a healthy lifestyle. Dieting and exercising can prevent chronic illness and cardiovascular diseases. There were ten journal reviews that analyzed in this research. In the first journal review, the article contains information about a study that was conducted on dietary intake affects the fetal microbiota of a group of obese individuals after being on a low diet intake for six weeks. This experiment happens within 5, 8, and 12 month period. During the experiment, there were sixteen participants in a 12 month period participates in a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. These …show more content…
In this article, the article discussed the challenges that are rising, but obesity management continues to upsurge. The dietarians wants to practice and find evidence why people are obese. Despite working with obesity, dietarians are struggling with meeting guideline recommendations to decrease obesity (Grace, 2011, p.13). The findings of a dietetic practice are investigated, and the findings are distributing. Researchers have found a better way for weight control.
According to the practitioner, an individual who is obese should be given comprehensive training and treatment to their diet (Grace, 2011, p.13). Evidence supports that a diet, exercising, and behavior modifications are a great to lose weight , however, individuals who are trying to lose weight needs to be mindful that 600 k-calorie meal is a low energy diet.
In this article, I learn that dietarians are struggling with different ways to promote healthy foods. In the United Stated, there are many people who struggle from obesity. The practitioner recommends that a individual who is obese should be a given a training and treatment of their diet. The individual should lose weight by managing their meals and
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Researchers have found that dietary variability and exercising decrease the artificial stiffness in an obese individual. The difference of dietary variation and exercising in artificial stiffness in unknown (Asako & Seji, 2015, p.69). The purpose of the study is to compare the dietary variations and aerobic exercise study with individuals who are overweight and obese. In the study , forty-five individuals who were obese and overweight completed a dietary variations which were 1,680 calories diet and completed an exercise program which forty-sixty minutes of walking for three days a week. The findings of this study is the body mass and waist diminished after the dietary

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