Diet Sod Healthy Or Unhealthy Essay

1088 Words Aug 16th, 2015 null Page
Diet Soda: Healthy or Unhealthy When people are on a diet, people want to limit their calorie intake, often by measuring the calories in the food they consume. When it comes to drinking soda, some people avoid drinking soda or turning to diet soda. Diet sodas claim to be free of calorie; however are diet sodas truly free of sugar? Mostly all diet sodas contain artificial sugars but what is the result of consuming artificial sugars contained in diet sodas? Furthermore, what are the side effects of consuming artificial sugars on a person’s health? Moreover, are diet sodas helpful or dangerous for low calorie-sugar consumers who want to avoid sugary drinks and their calories? Diet sodas are as unhealthy as regular sodas because both natural sugar and artificial sugars can cause diabetes type two. Natural sugar and artificial sugars can cause not only diabetes but metabolic syndromes. People who consume diet sodas should be aware of the consequences of artificial sugars. However if there is a limitation to the consumption of sugars, diseases can be reduced and even prevented. There can be a better understanding of the risks of consuming sugars by taking a look at what is inside products containing natural or artificial sugar. Diet sodas contain artificial sugar which is a bigger thread to people’s health because it can cause diabetes type two and obesity. Diabetes type two can be the result of over consuming a high level and obesity is another factor resulting from over…

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