Persuasive Essay About Trying To Lose Weight

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Summer is just around the corner, so almost everyone is doing everything they can to lose a couple of pounds just to achieve their ideal summer bod. Some goes to the gym every single day, some people does yoga, some people goes Zumba dancing, some skips dinner, and some just simply starves themselves, which is obviously not healthy and incredibly dangerous. A lot of people tend to not really think about how they want to lose weight, they simply make unconscious decisions which doesn't really help with their diet at all. Some people believe that by losing weight, you actually have to restrict yourself into eating everything that could make you gain weight or anything unhealthy. However, it is not exactly the case, because some of you may have …show more content…
If you think you're going to lose weight easily just because you're skipping meals, then you're absolutely wrong. People who starves themselves would obviously lose weight, but once you eat, your body would double up the weight that you actually lost, because it wouldn't want to starve again.

Eat Everything Low-Fat

Another misconception when it comes to trying to lose weight is that a you must only eat those foods that says “low-fat”. Most people think that just because it is low-fat it would mean that it is actually way healthier. The truth is NO, IT’S NOT.

When you remove fat from a certain food product, like milk and yogurt, it would literally taste nothing and no one would want to eat it. So what food manufacturers would do is that, they would replace all the fat with other ingredients like artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup etc. It would be true that it is indeed low in fat, but that doesn't make them any healthier. According to studies, foods with artificial sweeteners are the main reason for obesity, diabetes, and other heart diseases. Always remember that there are such things as healthy natural fat, so replacing it with artificial ingredients would only make the product

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