Diet And Weight Of The United States Of America Essays

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Diet and weight are the two most talked about epidemics throughout the United States of America. Human beings need food to live, thus nourishment is the main focus of all humans. The world revolves around food. Days are planned around meals, jobs are made because of food, money is made because of food, and lives are lost due to lack of food. As nutrition is the main focus of an individual’s life, so is bodily image. Bodily image is produced due to eating. The lack of food can make a body thin and an abundance of food can make a body plump. In society, women look up to the images seen on a daily basis. These images include what society defined as “sexy”. To gain this same body image that is sought after by many, the idea of dieting comes into play. Body image can be broken down into many categories, including pounds, BMI and muscle mass. These three categories cater with dieting. But do diets actually work? Across the world dieting is considered normal by many; nevertheless, diets do not work because they promote negative eating habits and a physiological strain on the dieter.
Diet is defined as “food and drink regularly provided or consumed, habitual nourishment and the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason” ( Nourishment or nutrition is the idea that the body consumes the right amount of food in order to correctly grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “People on diets typically lose 5 to 10 percent of their…

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