Diet And Exercise Regimen That Works For Me Essay

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I am not an overweight person, but if I am not careful about what I eat, I can gain weight fast. I do not like to exercise, and I am, unfortunately, out of shape. Over the years, I have worked on my bad habits. I try not to reach for junk food when I am looking for a snack, but something more filling and that has nutritional benefits. By doing nothing, I can continue on a path of physical destruction. If I do not take care of my body, I can become obese, diabetic, heart issues, and many other medical issues. To become and stay healthy and fit, I need to find a diet and exercise regimen that works for me. There are many opportunities out there for me, and I hope to use them. 1.1 Purpose
What I hope to gain from research is to understand how different foods effect my body and which ones to avoid and which ones to eat. I also want to find an exercise routine that I can always fit into my lifestyle. Something short and does not take up a lot of time or space. My family supports me in this endeavor hundred percent! Thankfully, my mom has exercise equipment like weight and a mat I can use. I await to see if it worth all he effort. Is being careful about what I eat and how much I work out really have an effect on my body. 1.2 Project History A month ago I decided to analyze what I eat and the amount of physical activity I do. There was not a lot to analyze in the physical activity aspect. I do not do much physical activity besides walking from class to class,…

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