Diesel Engine Research Paper

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Remember when you see Semi-truck, heavy equipment, or a 3/4-ton and up trucks, think about what kind of engine is in it. Is it a diesel engine or a gasoline engine? All heavy equipment today has a diesel engine in it. Semi-truck must have a diesel engine in it for all the load that the trucks are pulling. 3/40-ton trucks are different; they can have both diesel or a gas engine. With diesel engines, there are so many different engine brands/ manufactures such as Cummins, Powerstroke, Duramax, International, Caterpillar and each diesel engine runs differently. Diesel engines have their goods and their bads
The good things about diesels are that they have a better torque ratio, so that they can pull heavy loads. They also get a better fuel mileage
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Diesels are more polluting than a gas. One of the components that is in the highway diesel fuel is it has Sulfuric Acid in the fuel which is toxic (“fact”). They also have a system to control the emissions called a Regeneration System or Regen System that cause problems for the engines (“fact”). What the Regeneration System does is it take the black smoke which is called soot and runs it back through the air filter which causes the air filter to clog up. Another thing is that the engines are harder to start in the winter and they take longer to warm up. In order for your diesel vehicle to be ready to start at any time, the diesel engines must be plugged in. What I mean by that is they have an electric cord that run in the engine into a heater. The heater will keep the fluids in the engine from getting cold and hard, this cord is called a blow plug. The blow plug can be connected to a regular extension cord. When the blow plug is plugged in, it helps to warm the diesel engine up when it is cold outside. In addition, the diesel engines have more parts that could go bad such as a turbo, injectors, head gaskets, and more, which can cause a lot of problems and money (“fact”).
Most engines that are in our generation period are gasoline engines. They are in the vehicle that we drive today. The gasoline engine has some advantages than the diesel engine. Even though it is gas, there can be problems with them too.
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They also have other benefits of meaningless noise, restricted movement and a smoother movement through the engine. With that being said, diesel engines will be produced only in a matter of time and will be cheaper than that of gasoline engines. Gasoline engines should also be warmed up in the winter when starting them, just like you would a diesel. Although, when starting a gasoline engine in the winter, you will not get good gas mileage because it is using more gas to help keep the engine warm in the winter. Now in the spring, summer and fall, you will get better mileage, but not as good as a diesel

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