Die Fliedermaus Essays

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The director’s vision of the production of Die Fledermaus was “revenge in fun is fun”. Specific moments in the play where this was supported were in act one when Falke convinces Eisenstein to go to Prince Orlofsky’s ball. Falke has planned to get revenge on Eisenstein for humiliating him after a party. Falke is having fun plotting his revenge and this is portrayed by Falke’s demeanor toward Eisenstein. Falke is cheerful and excited when he finally convinces Eisenstein to put off jail until morning and go to the ball with him. Another specific moment that revenge is portrayed as fun is when Rosalinda is having fun at the ball flirting with her husband, all the while Eisenstein has no idea this is his wife. She steals his pocket watch so …show more content…
The combinations that the directed used were when he paired up the couples and the couple who the focus was to be on were dancing in the middle while the other characters were off to the side framing the couple dancing as the focus.
The director used several elements of comedy in this production including rule of three, repetition, and slapstick. The slapstick elements stand out most to me. Specific moments in the play where this was used include when Adele slapped Mr. Eisenstein on the head with her fan. In the last act at the jail there were several moments using slapstick comedy when the jailer was drunk and stumbling around and also at the very beginning of the scene when he was trying to light the lanterns. This is also an example of repetition when the jailer was trying to get the lighter to light and he had to repeatedly light the match and the stick.
Eisenstein is the protagonist in the play. He goes through a series of conflicts and yet manages in the end to come out on top. Rosalinda and Eisenstein decide they love one another too much to divorce, and so they live “happily ever after”. The major theme in this play is lying and deception. The message that is conveyed through the play is that lying and deception is fun when it is done for fun. The deceit in the play is portrayed seemingly lighthearted. The plays major action is the lying and deception of the main characters toward one another. Rosalinda is seeing

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