Essay on Did You Learn From The Experience?

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did you learn from the experience? On the day of April 27, 2014, Jesus has walked into my soul. Before I surrendered my entire life to Jesus, I grew up catholic with no understanding about god. Without experiencing any wisdom or faith through elementary school until the middle of high school about my own belief made me believe I failed as an individual. The unknowing about God had me go the wrong direction in life. The emptiness and confusion left me questioning myself if there is a god. Growing up without faith or discovery of god compels me to recognize how life is fragile and important. My parents always forced me to go to a catholic church every Saturday, but it was leading me into wrongdoings because I never understand. Years later, my father introduced me to a lovely Christian church which impacted my perception of God. The amount of holiness in each service convinced me to get more involved in church. After I got baptized I started teaching Sunday school for almost a year and a half. Being able to teach in front of a class full of children is an exciting experience to take on and it 's still leading me towards the right path. My experience with kids in Sunday school prepared me well in high school for mentoring freshmen. During the day I got baptized, millions of thoughts came flowing through my mind. I started to imagine thoughts like, "What if I choke on the holy water and drown while they 're dunking my head?" or "What if I urinate in the water?" Eventually, my…

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