Did You Grow Up With Both Parents Around? Essay

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Did you grow up with both parents around? When I was young I didn’t grow up with a father around. It was just me and my mom and at the time I didn’t understand why. I would see all these children and happy families around. And I still couldn’t understand why I was missing something. My mom was very great but when I began doing certain things I noticed many fathers being around. And I didn’t have that. That’s why I believe growing up without a father you miss out on things.
I remember when I began preschool and I noticed everyone getting dropped off by their mom and dad and they appeared to be happy. But I didn’t have that all I had was my mom, I was content with that at first. After looking around at everyone else didn’t feel complete. Something was just off to me even at the age of 4, but I never questioned it. I never thought to ask because it was always like that from the time I can remember. It wasn’t brought to my attention until I started school. I would see my friends run to their dads at the end of the day getting picked up from school. Every day, for me, it would just be my mom.
Then I started getting older, not too much older. It was when I was in the kindergarten, there was a father daughter dance. And all the girls were excited to go with their dads. They were just talking, having a good time and asking whose dad was bringing them. They got to me and asked,
“Are you coming with your dad?” “Kenya, I’ve never saw you with him, do you even have one?”
I responded…

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