Did You Do As I Asked? Essay

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"Did you do as I asked?"

Bluntness aside, my question was as cordial as our meetings tended to go. Especially since my 'friend '- more of an... accosiate- is to put in better terms, a lunatic to say the least. Most of the other contacts I have worked with has paled in comparison to this person.

"Don 't be so anxious. I got it." the shrill and cold voice cackles back. "Your little experiment has encountered his first hiccup. Such a shame really, he failed." he carries on, much to my annoyance. However, I keep it carefully concealed as always.

"That will be all, Klarian." I sternly stamp down my authority, heavily needed when conversing with an unpredictably wild character such as the conveniently named 'Lord of Chaos '. "And remembers always, come forward into the light."

"Sure." was his snorting response before he portals his way out of my building.

Holding the sides of my immensely expensive leather chair, my eyes keenly watch the outside sky via the window. Many a time, I have almost expected Superman to tear his way through that particular window and throttle me for saving mankind from his power. But... sadly, he never gave me the satisfaction.

Superboy on the other hand, is shaping up to a nice distraction for the 'Man of Steel '. Sure, Klarian thought that he failed the test, but I know that he actually succeeded.

Having no doubt that he would break out of the Brain 's cells, I had him put a spell on the door. Only when he adored Superman to the point of…

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