Essay on Did The Atlantic Plantation Complex Create Slavery?

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Topic: Did the Atlantic plantation complex create slavery, or was it the other way around?

The Atlantic plantation complex was crucial to the Americas’ inclusion in the international economy. Slavery was a key component to the success of the New World, as it laid the basis for market trade between the New World and the rest of the globe. The existence of slavery throughout centuries prior to the growth of the Atlantic plantation complex was distinct to the use of slavery in the New World, the innovation of slavery on the plantations in the Americas reformed worldwide concepts of slavery throughout history. European demand for sugar from sugar plantations, and the difficulty of sugarcane cultivation was a major element of European sugar plantation slavery from its origins in the Mediterranean, through to the Americas.
Slavery was not a new idea with the introduction of the New World and Atlantic plantations into the international economy. Prior to the establishment of the Atlantic plantation complex in the 15th century, it was rare for slaves to be used in agriculture. Slaves in the Mediterranean were often used for ransom rather than for labour, as during the Crusades, both Christians and Muslims enslaved captured passengers and crews of ships or soldiers from war, however, when used for labour, slaves were usually used for domestic purposes. Slavery had also existed for centuries on the African continent before the Atlantic Slave Trade. Trade between Africa and China…

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