Essay on Did The Anti Vietnam War Movement Succeed Or Fail?

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Did the Anti-Vietnam War movement succeed or fail?

The Anti-Vietnam War movement eventually succeeded with U.S forces exiting Vietnam from 1973 but previous to that, achievements of the movement were in public opinion and not policy. The United States interfered in Vietnam for the purpose of containing the geopolitical spread of communism. The Anti-Vietnam War movement was mainly made up of college students as they faced the possibility of being drafted immediately following graduation. The movement gained numbers when babies of the boom came of age and then gained legitimacy from the support of veterans who had served in other wars then eventually veterans who served in Vietnam. The movement co-occurred in a time of social change for American women, black people and non-straight people, which meant complacency was no longer an option in the face of injustice. The Anti-Vietnam War achieved meaningful change with widespread opposition of the draft and stripping away willful ignorance that allowed injustice at the time. The movement achieved a lot but the time it took was not ideal.

The biggest social achievement of the Anti-Vietnam War movement was the stripping down of the blind optimistic patriotism that plagued America following World War II. The fifties were not without change, the Civil Rights movement and the New Deal bred controversy and ended ideal consensus around the nation but not to the extent that the Vietnam War did. Americans had new access to uncensored…

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