Did Augustus Restore the Roman Republic Essay

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Did Augustus restore the Roman Republic in 27BC?

Julius Caesar is perhaps the most well known in the history of Roman Emperors, yet there is no denying that his reign was filled with controversy, no reason more so than his devious rise to power and his mischievous ways of suppressing the senate. There is no doubt that in ruling as a Dictator; Caesar lost the support of the Roman people, who had fought for freedom against an Etruscan King, a role in which Caesar was playing. His death in 44BC coincided with what many believe to be the year in which the Republic completely its eventual ‘fall’ that it had been plummeting to since 133BC, and it is only by looking at the differences in the end of his reign to that of Augustus’ in 27BC that
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After he had defeated Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, Octavian was in a position to rule the entire republic under an unofficial principate, yet it is more than likely that he would have suffered the same fate as that of his predecessor, Julius Caesar, especially if he had of appeared to be a new REX. But by not doing so he gained not only support from the public but from the senate also. Octavian’s name had been linked and related to a short reign of violence and terror, in his suppressing of threats to the Republic, however, 27BC saw his name be changed to Augustus, meaning ‘the great’ or ‘magnificent one’. Augustus also received the title ‘Princep’, which when used in the days of the republic stood for those who served the republic well. The argument that he served the republic well is better summed up with evidence from 20BC. In his failure to encourage the senate to finance the building of new roads, he decided the need to build them was so great that he financed them himself. The senate offered him a 10 year period of control over the provinces, which while faking reluctance, he accepted. The command of these provinces basically gave him control over all of the Roman legions. Augustus’ objective of achieving peace by using the provinces he controlled was seen as acceptable by the Roman public, in a time of crisis and instability. Many believe that Augustus did generally want to restore Rome to its proper Republic form and perhaps the best example and

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