Essay Did Abortion Make Canada A Safer Place?

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Did Legalizing Abortion Make Canada A Safer Place to Live?
In 1969, the Canadian Government legalized abortion. Though truly unhindered abortion access has still not been fully achieved, this decision marked the beginning of a new era. The legalization of abortion was controversial when it first happened, and still is today. The anti-choice movement opposes abortion and ascertains that it should never have been made legal, while the pro-choice movement maintains that legalized abortion is essential. To determine which argument is most valid one must look at the aspect of Canada that holds the most basic importance: safety. Though there have been many important effects of legal abortion, the most crucial is whether legalizing abortion made Canada a safer place to live.
Whether or not legalizing abortion made Canada a safer place to live is directly tied to the effect it had on the countries health. Those involved in the anti-choice movement hold the belief that a fetus is a child and as such abortion is equivalent to murder. Using this logic, our nation has legalized a form of murder, an action that in no way could make our country safer. Yet the pro-choice side disagrees. As Henry Morgentaler says “To proclaim that… one cell is already a full human being and should be treated as such is so patently absurd it is almost difficult to refute” (Hurley 15). Therefore, the pro-choice moment does not see abortion as detrimental to children’s health because it does not view the…

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