Diction Of Girls Can We Educate We Dads?

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Register to read the introduction… When you use the connotative meaning of some words, you give the reader a chance to think for themselves and conclude and add their own ideas and input into your story instead of just handing out what you mean or what something really stands for. For example, the author uses the word Satan to symbolize bad boys or “players” that only care about what a girl looks like and all that. That gesture shows that girls only attract evil. This goes back to the stereotypical theme of the story and critical tone the author has towards the poem. The diction creates and infers the critical view of Berry on the subject of stereotyping girls and sexism.

The diction, way of writing, and details used in this poem also create an image in the reader’s head which the father had brought to life through his stereotypical and sexist thoughts. An example of that is when the father he describes the girls shaking their hips and walking down the street to get the attention of bad boys. That reflects again on the stereotype and generalization of the father.

This poem in general sends a very informative and important message to the world using many aspects and factors such as mood, tone, and diction. The diction did play a key role in showing and stating the theme using various aspects of the story. So diction does show the general theme of the story and what the author is trying to state to the

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