Essay on Dick Gregory : Sure, Go Ahead

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It was a cold Friday evening when I left Seneca. I was really stressed and exhausted from the past few weeks. I decided to drop by the local pub on Yonge Street and grab a few bottles of beer before heading home. I went inside the pub and sat down at the bar. While drinking my first bottle of the night, an old man in his 60’s sat stool beside me. He reminded me of my grandpa, so I decide to greet him. He greeted me back. He asked for my name, and I likewise for his name. His named was Dick Gregory. I asked him if he is the one who wrote “Shame” (an essay I read in my literature class). And he responded, “Yes”. I decided to ask him a few questions about his life and essay.
Dan Mark Diza: “Sir, may I please ask you a few questions about you and your essay “Shame”?”
Dick Gregory: “Sure, go ahead”.
Dan Mark: “What are the factors and events that led up to your behavior in Shame?”
Dick: “A huge factor was poverty, and a humiliating event at school that made me feel ashamed of myself. It changed everything, my attitude, and my view of towards the society during that time. I also felt like I didn’t belong in society.”
Dan Mark: “Poverty and humiliation can have a significant effect on child’s behavior. Another question. Did you ever think that racism played a role in any of the events in your childhood story of “Shame”?”
Dick: “It did, but not in a major way in the events that follow my story. Now don’t get me wrong there were still horrible things done to blacks in those days.…

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