Diary Of Anne Frank Historical Analysis

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The Diary of Anne Frank is about a girl and her family being forced into hiding in an attic, afraid of the Natizs. On page 101 in the first paragraph the play states “ Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl, living in Amsterdam during the nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. Fearing for their lives, the Frank family was forced into hiding.” The historical events of World War II are reflected in the story “The Diary Of Anne Frank” by retelling the events through the eyes of the people who were in the attic.

Anne, her family, and the Van Daans were forced into hiding because of fear of being taken away to concentration camps. They were not accepted because they were Jews. This play takes place in Amsterdam, in the early to mid
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While in hiding Anne Frank started a diary about what was happening and how people acted and everything that happened during the war. The diary that Anne Frank's started to write about her life while hiding and the events that came with the was soon turned into a play called “The Diary of Anne Frank”. The play was an act of the things Anne had explained and written about in her diary, the act was an attempt to recreate the events of the Franks and the Van Daans hiding in the attic during World War II. By showing what is happening in the story but through Anne's eyes it reflect historical events, like the war. Because this is from Anne's point of view we get to see how the characters act because they are sent into hiding from them being jewish and the war going on. Anne in this story is annoying, and just wants to fit in. Anee has to struggle with living with all of these people in the attic, while trying to fit in. Peter in this story had an effect on Anne, Anne would go talk with peter and later, while they were talking Anne shared her first kiss with Peter. On page 185 in paragraph 49 is where Peter and Anne share the kiss, it says… “Peter comes to Anne, kissing her good-bye, then goes to his room to collect his things.”

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