Anne Frank Diary

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Book Report
“Diary of a Young Girl”
Moisés Pirro
Due: Tuesday 7,July of 2015

I read the diary of a young girl Anne Frank because I was assigned by my teacher, it’s a very inspirational story because it shows you how Anne stood strong and how well she faced everything that was going on. It is based on the true story of Anne Frank, it all began on her birthday Friday 12, June of 2015 when she gets a diary as a gift and I think at first she probably thought it was a silly gift or at least that is what I would thing but as the time passed and she kept writing on her diary you can see how it goes from her talking about who was her best friend or how was everything on school to everything changing because of a new leader in Germany
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It was August 1 of 1944 the Frank family is caught by the Nazis and arrested. I personally think that if the holocaust would’ve never happened Anne Frank could’ve been a very important person who could bring a message to the world that no matter what the circumstances you should always look at the good side, Anne was a good person and it’s a shame she died not for her actions but for the fact that she was Jewish Anne Frank was 13 when she wrote her diary and it’s considered better than most of other stories and maybe Anne would’ve written more maybe she had a gift for writing and I also think that after her diary she would’ve kept on writing and maybe even become famous for her …show more content…
This story has a lot of themes I think one of them is loneliness because Anne had a lot of friends at school but when the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940 they had to hide in the Annex where she didn’t have a lot of friends another theme could be either feae or afraid of getting caught because they were scared and paranoiac all the time about getting caught by the Nazis and getting taken to concentration camps and the last theme would be positivity because Anne was always positive and she saw the bright side of everything be cause she said “Despite of everything, I belive that people are really good at heart (Anne

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