Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Summary

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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

The author is Jeff Kinney, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is the title. The overall summary of the book is that there is this boy named Greg Heffley who has a mom, dad, older brother, and younger brother and he has a normal life as a student, brother, and son who goes to school, has friends and basically lives a normal life in school. His mom makes him write and draw in his diary about what happens everyday in the diary so he and his parents can reflect what happened in his younger childhood. And one day he believes that he will become famous one day so when reporters ask him questions, he can give the diary to them so they can read it. This entire story takes place in the modern times.
The main character is Greg Heffley who is in middle school. He has a group a friends that his diary didn’t reveal yet, but his best friend is another boy named Rowley Jefferson, they hang out a lot. Greg thinks that Rowley can sometimes be embarrassing because since both of the boys are in middle school, so they’re supposed to be more mature. For example when you were in kindergarten you would say, “Do you want to play with me?” but in middle school you would say hang out. Since he’s maturing and all that, his relationships with people and emotions he has change frequently, sometimes Greg will
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Although he doesn’t have a perfect life, he learns that life is not perfect and that you’re going to have some bad days but try to make those days better and enjoy school as much as you can because when you retire and die, you’re not going to have that school experience anymore so don’t complain about school because one day, you’re going to regret complaining about school. And lastly all aged people can all enjoy the book, but mostly kids in middle school because they can relate to Greg so they have a "friendship"

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