Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Essay

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"Bite my biscuits" from Diary of a Wimpy Kid was inspirational for me because it made me want to explore the crazy side of life. I began to explore this hidden jungle of ideas, actions, and more. I was like Greg and how he thought about new innovations, I wanted to learn more about this jungle. I was truly hooked on exploring this vast jungle. So I set off on my exploration of this undiscovered world.

I changed how I thought so I could understand this world. That was one key thing I did to help me explore this crazy side of life. I was more open to new ideas, like Greg and the new Spineticklers books. Yes, they were new, but they were fulfilling. So Greg became the guide that showed me through this forest. I was glad Greg was able to show
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The Yellow Brick Road is a road everyone should try to be on. I realize that Greg and his family shouldn't have been the first time I realized this, but that just makes be realize that Greg and his family have the power to shape people's lives. They have shaped my life in many many ways they have helped me use all of my five senses. The Diary of the Wimpy Kid has made me become a person I like!

Back to the forest, I continue marching triumphantly through the rest of my forest. I thank Greg as we pack up our gear into the car, and I tell him "Greg you have helped me through my troubles, and I'm glad we could be triumphant in the end". Once we get out of the car I thank his dad Jeff Kinney for letting me borrow Greg to get through my troubles and life. I walk home after my day in the forest and think to myself I should have met Greg earlier stop me from getting in trouble. As I lay down in my bed I again realize that I am like Greg in how we both get in trouble and we both understand how that changes us.

All in all, Greg has helped me change my ways of stubbornness and anger. Greg is full of surprises that helped me through my

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