Diana Di Prima Essay example

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Najla Alameldin
Professor Wheat
English 106
A Cultural Criticism on Diane DiPrima’s “The Practice of Magical Evocation”
As a young girl growing up in an Italian American family, DiPrima began to witness expectations that she did not like about her culture. At eight years old she experienced her first expectation as a female in her family but this was not an expectation she felt positively on. In an interview given by David Hadbawnik, DiPrima says that one day her mother was very sick and couldn’t get out of bed; she called for DiPrima and said to her, “You let that man wash a dish.” DiPrima says, that at that moment she thought her mother was crazy and that the only thing on her mind was “What do you mean, I let him was a
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Here DiPrima is saying that the body of a female is built to be molded for sex and is also built so that we gain the sexual gratification that depends on physical pain. DiPrima expresses this because instead of remaining untouched until marriage like her culture implies, she rather be with who she wants and when she wants, and apply her body to what it is built for. DiPrima goes far beyond revealing the secrets about family, to unveiling the very secrets of Italian American womankind, not in the persona of the immaculate, mysterious Virgin Mary, but to the menstruating, independent, orgasm-seeking Diane (Quinn 179). She is having sex with multiple partners, male and female, and perhaps most egregious of all, having these relationships with non-Italians. Throughout the century, the overwhelming majority of Italian American women in the United States married at least once, as did most women; however, also well into this century, Italian American women were still mostly marrying other Italians. (Quinn 178).
Another line in Diane DiPrima’s poem that reveals her sexual liberation is, “…and pelvic architecture functional assailed inside & out (bring forth) the cunt gets wide and relatively sloppy bring forth men…” In this line DiPrima is actually explaining what happens during sex and is extremely blunt when writing it. To DiPrima the activity of sex was exciting. In the interview with David Hadbawnik, DiPrima

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