Diana Case Study Scenarios

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Diana is a young female, the oldest of 3 children of her family. She reports having conflicts getting alone with her family, especially with her parents. She said, many times she felt trapped in her house because her parents won't let do certain things, like going out with friends, or have a boyfriend nor give her adult privacy & they want to control her life although she is an adult now. The situation makes her feels depressed & she cries when she gets frustrated. She misses her sisters but don’t want to go back home despited the struggles she is facing a the moment; Mainly because of her problematic relationship with her parents .

The intake interview/history interview with Diana revealed the following information:

I. Identifying Data

Diana is a 21-year-old Hispanic female, currently living at her grandmother's apartment. At the moment is not attending school, and is unemployed.

II. Range of problems

Not getting alone with her family is causing her to be very angry at herself & sad. She argues with her mother almost every day, about whether she goes to school or not. Because her family has always put pressure on her to go college, she feels obligated to do things she's not interested in doing anymore. Her stepfather
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She mentioned that she would like to learn new things related to beauty thus I recommend her to watch videos on how to do makeup when she find herself doing nothing at home. Her goals are to get a job that would help her take care of herself so she don't found herself going back to her parent’s house; Additionally, go back to school to finish college. I recommended her to go the library to build a resume she can use to apply for jobs. & enroll in a CUNY school for next year. I helped her draw some SMART goals to work with to accomplish what she

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