Dian Fossey: Dignity Of The Gorilla

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“The more you learn about the dignity of the gorilla, the more you want to avoid people.” ("Women Who Changed") Dian Fossey found out more than the gorillas' habits. In the 1980's Dian Fossey went to Rwanda to study gorillas with the help of Dr. Louis Leakey. When she was studying them she found that the gorillas were being decimated by poachers.
Born on January 16, 1932 in San Francisco, California, Dian Fossey loved animals from the beginning. (“Dian Fossey”) When she was in high school she was on a horse riding team. She was also a vet for a while. (“Dian Fossey”) Dian lived in Louisville and spent her spare time tending the livestock. (Dian Fossey”) Dian applied for the University of California, she transfered schools to San Jose state and changed her major to major to therapy.
Dian was informed of Jane Goodland’s activity by Dr. Leakey. He believes in long term studies. Dr. Leakey gave Dian permission to explore Rwanda. While exploring Dian fell and broke her ankle. The climb up the gorilla mountains would be a risk with her ankle but she still went up. Dian did not get discouraged easily. After she fell, she became more determined. ("Dian Fossey")
When Dian first went to Rwanda, she hoped for two things: to meet Louis and Mary Leakey and to look at the mountain gorillas.(Gorillas In The
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As soon as Dian left, she knew she would come back. (“Dian Fossey”)The gorillas were attracted to the strange sounds of human’s items. The gorillas were first curious about the humans. It seemed like the gorillas competed with numerous actions for attention. (Gorillas in the Mist 4) First, the gorillas did not want Dian around. They ignored her when she tried to make contact. ("Dian Fossey") On her first day, she spotted her first gorilla near the camp. (Jerome 24) Her favorite gorilla was Digit. Dian would spend the whole day with him, treated him like her own kid, and had and undying love for him. ("Digit,

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