Essay about Diamonds Are Forever 3 Line

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Meta: Created by Top Game and tapping into the popular theme of the moment, Diamonds are Forever 3 Line caught many by surprise. But does this game really manage to live up the precious jewel that it’s based on?

Diamonds are Forever 3 Line Review

Diamonds are Forever 3 Line is a brand new slots title from Top Game and by the looks of things it really wants to tap into the classic slots market. A 3-reel slot machine at heart with a very limited feature set, the game in the eyes of many has gotten of to a questionable start. This game is another ‘mashup’ of themes, where the diamond theme is mixed with more classic symbols such as sevens. The ‘mashup; idea is actually fairly common, so common in fact that I really wish they had managed to look at taking it in a new direction. That said for a 3-reel, 3 payline game, the game play itself seems fairly well constructed, even if a bit predictable. The following takes an in-depth look at Diamonds are Forever 3 Line, answering the question of whether or not players should give this game time and effort.

Basically basic design If you 're looking for something new or different in your gameplay, being honest Diamonds are Forever 3 Line isn 't for you. This is a very basic 3-reel game, with just 3 paylines on hand to activate. The title has one bonus feature, which is a wild symbol, along with a top payout of $30,000. Top Game has some very nice themed games, ranging from the most basic 1 payline titles to 25 payline mega payout…

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