Dialogue On The Shebeen

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In the house?

Daniel, have you not learnt your lesson?
This thing will kill you!

Life is busy killing me, anyway.

- That 's no excuse to carry on...
- Hey! You have a job and you have money.

Girls are offering themselves to you at the shebeen. All we have...

- are our problems.
- Everyone has problems!

You can solve yours.

I can only forget mine.

That 's a pathetic excuse!

Why didn 't you tell us you were living with a pastor?

I 'm not preaching!

You are not our mother so you must be a pastor.

You know what?

Get out of here.

Go bleat somewhere else.


And now?

Job hunting is not fun.

Namhla Diale, life is not fun.

- What did you expect?
- I have serious IT skills.

- I thought companies were looking for that.
- Namhla!
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Getz, Dipuo.

- Dipuo is number three.
- Number three?

Yes. Getty is number four.


did you just bring your other girlfriend to meet your other girlfriend?

- That 's crazy!
- Hey! Watch out.

- What do you say, sweets?
- Well...

Not you. Dips.

She 's not your usual type.

No baby, I 'm doing stock-taking.

I must be able to tell my ladies apart.
Oil and water don 't...

- Mix, baby.
- I love her. We finish each other 's sentences.

- You cannot be okay with that!
- Why not?

At least he 's open about it.
With Mrekza I know where I stand.

You sound brainwashed.

Karabo Moroka here. Please leave your details and I 'll contact you.

It 's me. Your husband.

I 'd think you might have tried to call to see how we 're doing by now.

Even an e-mail would have been fine.

I thought I resented you for Zola, but that 's nothing compared to this.

I don 't know if I 'll be able to forgive you for abandoning our child.

What happened to you?
When did you become so selfish?

I get that you are going through stuff.
But dammit, Karabo!

Amo doesn 't deserve to be punished for it.

He 's just a baby.
You owe it to him to stop this nonsense!

Just get on a damn plane and come back and

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