Personal Narrative: Difficulty With Track And School Work

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I casually asked my sister,“So.. whats up with you, I haven’t really had much time to talk to you this weekend.”
Sister responded nonchalantly,“ Nothing really, been busy with track and school work.”
I said,“ How is track? Do you like it?”
She responded, “ It’s okay I guess, it takes a lot of time out of my hands, but I really enjoy the people there. I made really good friends.”
I said, “That’s great, I think track is going to help you manage your time more.”
She said, “ Yeah, I guess so.”
I then changed the subject and interestingly asked her, “ So… what happened to Dad’s car? I heard it is getting fixed at the dealership.”
She paused then said,“ umm… nothing really, just a minor accident.”
I raised my voice a bit and confusingly
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I knew in the beginning when I asked her a simple question and she gave me a delayed response that something was up. Looking back on our conversation, my sister did not say much and kept a lot of things to herself. “ Sometimes we make an ethical choice not to express emotions that would hurt another person without achieving any positive outcome,” (p.179 Chapter 7). I know she was trying to protect her emotions from getting in the way of mine.
Nonverbal communication are generally perceived in everyday conversations. When I asked my sister what happened to the car, she paused and looked worried, from her facial expression I knew something was up. “Our faces are intricate messengers. Our eyes can shoot daggers of anger, issue challenges, or radiate feelings of love,” (p. 127 Chapter 5). My eyebrows showed that I was angry and confused.
A groan, pause, different tones of voice were used in our conversation. This is an example of paralanguage. “Paralanguage is communication that is vocal but does not use words,” (p. 133 Chapter 5). Some of our responses were one word answers such as “No” or “Please.” This exemplifies how stern we
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I would never lose my anger to anyone else. Because I trust my sister it puts on this expectation that if she is hiding something from me or lying, I get annoyed. “ We count on them to do what they say they’ll do and not to do what they promise they won’t,” ( p. 253 Chapter 10) I know my sister is always honest with me and when I find something out that I do not know it bothers me that she does not trust me. In the end, even with my negative attitude toward the whole conflict. I know either way my sister is going to have to accept my flaw and forgive each

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