Dialogic Pedagogy

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Dialogic Pedagogy: Teaching the Grieving Process in the Classroom
Essential Questions
Does literature reflect different psychological aspects?
Why should we read about grief and death? How can reading literature about the grieving process offer insight to our understanding?
How does the grieving process relate to psychological criticism?
How can readers use information in texts to provide a deeper understanding of the grieving process?
Composing Prompt: This activity will serve as the introduction to the text. When doing this composing prompt, students will do a personal journal regarding the similarities and differences in the grieving process in all of the texts. This will be done after the three books have been read. During
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Depending on the activity or lesson they will allow students to be in classroom conversations that promotes thoughtful responses. When teaching, teachers will need to consider the standards, and how they are going to relate what they are teaching to the standards. Standards can be easily related to Dialogic discussion, because “the new K–12 Common Standards is the standard that students become proficient in logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound reasoning, and relevant evidence.”(Kuhn, Crowell, 525). The new Common Core Standards provide an outline to a variety of different standards that teachers’ need to meet. Dialogic pedagogy provides a time to argue and critically think about evidence to back up the student’s opinions, then create critically thought out responses. When teaching these three books teachers can tell parents and the principal that it relates to the Common Core Standard. Throughout the lesson students will become proficient in logical arguments and have relevant evidence to support their individual …show more content…
Socratic discussions are an “effective wavy of engaging students in tasks that called on their metacognitive and critical thinking abilities, while simultaneously developing both conflict resolution skills and an increased respect for the options and feelings of their peers” (Polite, Adams, 275). While teaching it is important to consider the reason behind using the technique and strategy. When using Socratic Seminar they allow students the opportunity to respond and argue using logic, evidence, and

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