Dialectic Journal The Road Essay

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Dialectical Journal Entry #1
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
“Look at me, the man said.
He turned and looked. He looked like he’d been crying.
Just tell me.
We wouldn’t ever eat anybody, would we?
No. Of course not.
Even if we were starving?
We’re starving now.
You said we weren’t.
I said we weren’t dying. I didn’t say we weren’t starving.
But we wouldn’t.
No. We wouldn’t.
No matter what.
No. No matter what.
Because we’re the good guys.
And we’re carrying the fire.
And we’re carrying the fire. Yes.
Okay” (128-129).

(E) The motif of the entire novel revolves around fire. Fire is used as a literal object as well as a symbol for hope and goodness. The man in The Road tries as hard as
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I have to watch you all the time, the boy said.
I know.
If you break little promises you’ll break big ones. That’s what you said.
I know. But I won’t” (34).

(R) Morals in this novel are nonexistent. The only people who have any decency and humanity left that the reader is introduced to are the man and the boy. The darkness and brutality of this story makes it very shocking that a good moral point that is usable today is given at all in The
Road. “If you break little promises you’ll break big ones” is a true and important observation taught to the boy by his father. This shows how little lies can escalate quickly and form to bigger lies which is true in today’s life as well as the novels. (Q) It seems that the boy being alive

allows his father to stay sane. The boy is his companion and, as stated many times by the man in the book, is a type of prophet equaling hope for the man. If the boy was never born or was to die, would the man still be morally right or would he succumb to the life bandits have chosen to live?
It seems that the man has a kind nature about him, but so could have the bandits before the fires.
Being able to see the man take care of the boy would lead to the conclusion that he would still be morally “good” in the case his son was never born. On the other hand, if the boy where to die the

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