Diagnostic Testing : Complementary And Alternative Medicine Essays

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In this paper, I will be talking about the diagnostic testing, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), appropriate treatment, typical prognosis, patient teaching and potential barriers. I hope that you can learn from these different topics about type one diabetes mellitus. Diagnostic Testing The diagnostic testing that is done for diabetes mellitus is that they can give urine tests, which they will give you, a paper strip or even a dipstick and when you dip it, it is supposed to change color. The strip shows the amount of sugar that is in the urine. There is keotones in the urine, which can be noticed by doing a dipstick test. Ketoacidosis can be a life-threatening thing so getting a diagnosis quicker would be better. There is another type of test you can take which can tell you if there is any other problem like protein or albumin in the urine. Protein can mean you have problems with kidneys and renal failure. You can also get a blood test. 1) Fasting glucose test- which blood is drawn from a vein after the patient fasted for eight hours usually in the morning before breakfast. If you get a level of 7.8 mmo/l or greater, you have diabetes. 2) Postprandial glucose test- Blood taken right after you has eaten a meal. 3) Oral glucose tolerance test- Blood is taken before and after a patient drinks sugar. If you do not have diabetes, the sugar goes up right away and decreases slowly. In a diabetic,…

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