Diagnostic Paper on Joan Crawford

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Diagnostic Paper on Joan Crawford
Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Lewis

Ethical Disclaimer In writing this, I am attempting to demonstrate an awareness of ethical practice. In preparation of writing this paper, I have researched information on the famous person indicated in an effort to make an attempt at providing a possible diagnosis of a psychological condition for which two theoretical orientations will be evaluated and used to support what is only an opinion. I am in no way qualified to give a diagnosis for the people mentioned within this document as it is a document written to demonstrate an understanding of educational material as it relates to the field of psychology. Any information mentioned with regard to the mental condition
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Crawford joined many others in ‘living it up’ as a young woman during the fast paced 20’s, dancing and performing down an unknown but hopeful road.
For the purpose of understanding the complexity in the behaviors of Joan Crawford, it is important to understand not only the influences of the period from which she came but also that she experienced a number of hardships in many forms to include early childhood sexual abuse, abandonment on more than one occasion, and manipulation from family as well as the movie industry itself. Crawford’s father left his family altogether before his wife gave birth to her. Crawford’s mother eventually remarried therefore, young Lucille was raised in part by a stepfather who would sexually abuse her at a young age. Joan’s mother eventually moved away and was left with very little means during the post war depression era when many were faced with the dark side of poverty stricken American life. Crawford would spend many of her early years performing a great amount of laborious work while attending various schools. Such arduous efforts would later add to Crawford’s impeccable work ethic and a drive that few could match. In one interview, Joan was quoted as saying, “I’m a compulsive housekeeper” which might have been imprinted on her after all the years she spent cleaning for others. Due to her inability

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