Essay on Diagnosing Change

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Diagnosing Change

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The important thing that was not initially is that Sony and Microsoft were not performing as they would have expected. It was realized that something should have been done and that certain changes needed to be implemented through the reorganization of the corporate structure. It is a question that would disturb many as why some firm would thrive on a certain corporate structure while others struggle on the same structure (Burke, 2009). It is important that we understand the forces or drivers that dictate performance and what relationship exists between the forces. This can only
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Both Sony and Microsoft had superior technology that would have ease the work done by their team of employees. The work done therefore would be based on better and efficient applicability (Hatton, 2004). The other strength is the expert employees or people that work for both the organizations. Work done by expert is usually so efficient in terms of material management. The two companies also have made a brand name for themselves and therefore it will be easy to market them abroad and at home (Hatton, 2004).


The companies had organizational structures that were not effectively running their affairs. The structure was quite bureaucratic and it was difficult for decisions to be made. This was also based on the fact that the different departments were not pulling together in synergy; therefore there was a lot of wasted efforts (Nadler & Tushman, 2010).


Opportunities that exist for both Sony and Microsoft are the emerging markets, and the new technologies that they can be able to create. The two companies are finding new forays in the African market which has become a hub for oversee businesses. Therefore they have a potential of making more sales through the African market. This will be important in order to avoid the competition back at home. The companies also have experts who are talented and can be able to develop new ideas and utilize new technologies as effectively as possible (Nadler & Tushman, 2010).



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