Essay on Diagnosed With Avascular Necrosis ( Avn )

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Some individuals believe that you do not know what they have until it is gone. However, other people argue that the truth is that you knew what you had and never thought you would ever lose it. For many people the ability to walk does not cross their mind because they do it actively every day. Unfortunately, between ten thousand and twenty thousand people are diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN) each year in the United States (Cerrone). This statistic includes my sister, Julie Cerrone. I saw first-hand what she went through; the stories are emotional. Only in her late twenties, avascular necrosis invaded her body and restricted her to crutches for about three to three and a half years of her life. Typical to the symptoms, avascular necrosis left her knee weak and near collapse due to a lack of blood supply to her bones. When approached about an interview, she was more than happy to share her incredible journey that took place over the last couple of years. “I 'm Julie Cerrone,” she began, “…a Certified Holistic Health Coach from Pittsburgh, PA who is thriving with psoriatic arthritis, avascular necrosis, prothrombin thrombophilia and have battled complex regional pain syndrome, melanoma, anxiety and depression.” (Cerrone). Julie described her tough battle with her knees over the past couple decades. She believes that the start of her recurring knee problems started in the fifth grade. The rheumatologist she was referred to told her parents that he thought she had…

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