Diabolical Control Of Lady Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth We all first get introduced to the menacing and ruthless Lady Macbeth in Scene 5 of Act 1 of her reading a letter from her husband, Macbeth, discussing his meeting with the three witches. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s diabolical plan is to kill Duncan, so that he will fulfill the witches’ second prophecy. Lady Macbeth firmly believes that her husband is too weak and less cold-blooded than she is, so when she finds out about Duncan’s near visit, she calls upon supernatural agents to imbue her with barbarity and tells Macbeth that she is in charge for the preparations for Duncan’s murder. With Lady Macbeth taking control over a job that her husband should be doing and persuading him to be merciless, she has already proven that she …show more content…
The quote above exemplifies the dark soul of Lady Macbeth and how she gains courage to do the ruthless things she does to those who get in her way. The dirty tricks that creep under her sleeves get even worse when she persuades her husband to follow through with the murder of Duncan. Strategies that Lady Macbeth uses on Macbeth in order to convince him into killing Duncan include rhetorical questions, manipulation, and insulting his masculinity. She constantly questions his ambition and asks him if he was high or drunk when he indicates the desire for killing Duncan, basically mocking him saying that he is a weak fool. Another thing Lady Macbeth questions is his courage, bravery, and even his love for her to make him feel embarrassed about not following through with the murder and being a coward of a …show more content…
Lady Macbeth shamed his manliness and made him feel like a complete coward that he had no choice but to go through with her plan. After questioning his love for her, his only chance was to accept her plan for what it was and to not ruin it. Another reason why Macbeth wouldn’t have been able to kill Duncan without Lady Macbeth’s encouragement is because he was already contemplating whether it was a good idea or not. Macbeth would have not followed through, and he even told Lady Macbeth that they shouldn’t do it. This proves that Macbeth was not fully convinced into killing Duncan, and that he only did it to hide his doubts to avoid appearing a coward in front of his wife. This shows us that Macbeth is overshadowed by his wife’s decisions and has somewhat humanity in him.
Overall, Lady Macbeth runs over Macbeth like a doormat and takes control of their relationship and the decisions that they make. Lady Macbeth’s personality is diabolical, corrupted, and relentless while Macbeth is scared, nervous, and shameful for being ruled by his wife. Lady Macbeth uses rhetorical questions like questioning his bravery and courage in order to get Macbeth into following through with the murder, and without her persuasions, he wouldn’t have planned to kill Duncan on his own because of his

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