Diabetes Type 2 Research Paper

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“Diabetes type 2”

Ruby Rojo

Biology 3
Professor R. Resendiz
October 13, 2014
"What is Diabetes type 2"
In the U.S. there are many diseases people have in common. One of them is diabetes which is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. 2 There is different type of the diabetes but the one that is most common in people is the diabetes type 2. Diabetes type 2 is a problem with your body that causes blood glucose meaning sugar level to rise higher than normal.
Everyone has insulin in their body but when you have type 2 diabetes your body does not use insulin the properly way it was supposed to work in our system. If people were more inform about the sign and symptoms people
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Having diabetes type 2 means that your body in not able to use insulin the properly way. Mostly, diabetes 2 often has no symptoms at first. For some people they many not show any symptoms over the years. But some signs and symptoms some people have are excessive thirst, eye blurred vision, rapid weight loss, breath smells like acetone, respiratory problems like deep and labored breathing pattern, gastric problems like nausea and vomiting, urinary problems and fatigue. 5 Also, other symptoms can be pain or numbness in the feet or hands, bladder, kidneys, skin problems. Infections that are more frequent or heal slowly are other symptoms that are signs that you have diabetes.
On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is only common on man, this means cannot or keep an firm erection while having an intercourse. 5 As matter of fact, if the doctor suspects you have diabetes because your blood sugar level is higher than 200 mg/dL.
The doctor may request to do some diabetes blood tests.

Diabetes type 2 is caused by a combination of factors, including insulin resistance, a condition in which the body’s muscle, fat, and liver cells do not use
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7 Some factors that cause diabetes type 2 is genetic susceptibility, obesity and physical inactivity, insulin, abnormal glucose production by liver, the roles of insulin and glucagon in normal blood glucose regulation, metabolic syndrome and beta cell dysfunction.7 Having genetic susceptibility like having certain genes or combination of genes may increase you to have diabetes type 2. Obesity and physical inactivity as being overweight and not exercising and increase you to have diabetes type 2. Due to the fact of an unbalance between caloric intake and physical inactivity therefore it leads to obesity and cause the insulin resistance. 7 The insulin resistance is cause by the adnominal fat, muscle and liver cells to stop responding to insulin the proper way which forces the pancreas to compensate by producing more insulin in your body. 7 Abnormal glucose production by liver cause diabetes type 2 because when the blood glucose and insulin are high after a meal the glucagon level drops but with people with diabetes type
2 the glucagon level stays high. 7 If a person has metabolic syndrome which is an insulin resistance syndrome including the higher than normal blood glucose levels is at a high risk of developing diabetes type

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