Diabetes Self-Management Case Study

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Class Description Diabetic self-management group classes will be held each Monday from 6pm to 7pm at the Medical Plaza (room 234) on Archer Road in Gainesville, Florida. These are comprehensive sessions about diabetes that are idea for both newly diagnosed diabetics as well as long term diabetics that would like a refresher course. There will be a total of four classes that begin on the first Monday of the month and end on the last Monday of the month. Each class will have fifteen seats. Smaller classes allow for optimal learning (Riding & Rayner, 2013). These sessions will provide new ways of achieving optimal control of blood sugar through life style changes. These classes will provide the diabetic education that will allow the learner …show more content…
However, through the use of educational tools for healthy eating, exercise and medication, leading a happy and healthy life is possible. Diabetes self-management education is an important part of a treatment plan. This paper discussed the institution’s philosophy, why there is a great need for this type of class, the class description, who the targeted audience is, the different learning styles and how to incorporate it into the learning process with the aid of different resources.. The learning outcome will be achievable with each class learner objectives. The ultimate goal of this class is to bring awareness to the community about diabetes and ways to improve the quality of his or her

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