Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 And Type 2 Essay

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Diabetes Mellitus Type II There are two type of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is affects 29 million Americans, 86 million are living with pre-diabetes and it is the seventh leading cause of death (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016). Diabetes type 2 has almost doubled in the past two decades and it is more common than type 1 diabetes. Type I diabetes patients do not produce insulin but type 2-diabetes produce insulin but not enough for the body’s needs. The topic that the author chose is diabetes mellitus type 2. This article will include pathophysiology, disease process, treatments, and follow up plan. Pathophysiology of diabetes type 2 is influenced by many factors like genetic and environmental factors that influences insulin secretion by beta cells in pancreas and insulin resistance (McCance & Huether, 2014). When food is broken down, it gives energy in form of glucose that is utilized by cells in the body to function. When a person eats food, levels of glucose increases in blood thus triggering release of insulin from pancreatic beta cells. Insulin triggers cells to uptake the glucose from blood, if you do not produce enough insulin or have insulin resistance, cells cannot use it effectively. The unused glucose builds up in the blood due to insulin resistance and not enough insulin produced results in chronic hyperglycemia. Insulin resistance is when body’s cells are unable to respond to insulin even when there is a high level…

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