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Executive Summary:-
Three Entrepreneurs Adrian Dalse, Larry Hillblom and Reober Lynn established a company in 1969 named Deutsche Post DHL. San Fransisco was given honor to start operations and send shipping papers to Honolulu by Air. When talk about overland transport, air freight, ocean logistics the only one name comes DHL operating almost 220 countries worldwide and having 28500 direct employees who are contributing their willing efforts with full dedication to provide speed, reliability in providing services and exceeding expectations of the customer in their all destination customer touch points (12, 0000 walk in customer contact center worldwide)

Globalization, political and
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Once the organizations find the key concerns they can certainly change or improve market objectives. PEST analysis is another tool which uses the results of SWOT for audit and analysis.

Strengths and weaknesses
DHL focus on providing a quality service to meet their customer satisfaction is their one of great strength since they are in the market. Obtaining ISO 9001 system worldwide is another success story in order to make company more efficient organization and with standardize operations globally. After becoming the professional well established company they moved to another success story which was globalization which is indeed a strength which means reducing cost of redundant work in doing business worldwide. Cold chain project where DHL is providing lifesaving product is a big responsibility in the supply chain business. These success stories effect in remarkable increase in exceeding customer expectation while choosing the DHL as their first preference.
DHL is using state of the Art technologies to get the following advantages
New horizon for more customers to access
Easy reach
Reduction of cost in making new communication channels
New market segment
Enhanced customer services
Smart-truck project is also a great strength of DHL.

When it comes to weaknesses, high prices are weakness of DHL Company and a certain major risk in taking the market share as customer are now trying to go

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