Devry Nr 439 All Weeks Discussions Essay

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Devry NR 439 All Weeks Discussions

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week 1

Research (graded)
Give a brief definition of nursing research and evidenced-based research. Explain differences and similarities. Remember to use references.

w Role of Research (graded)
Why should nurses incorporate research? What trends have created a push for nursing practice based on evidence? Remember to use references.

week 2

Describe a Significant Clinical Issue (graded)
Reflect on your practice and identify a
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Briefly describe your process for locating databases that contain relevant research studies. Did you have any difficulties or face any challenges?

week 4 Sampling (graded)
The most common sampling method is the convenience sample; therefore, many of the studies that you find for evidence use this sampling method. What are the implications for using a convenience sample on the way you interpret and use the findings?

Ethical and Legal Issues (graded)
Read one of the case studies from Your Genes, Your Choices: Exploring the Issues Raised by Genetics Research (a PDF of this may be downloaded from Doc Sharing). Consider the legal and ethical issues that may occur as the result of genetics research. Identify the name of the case and explain something new that you learned about ethical and legal issues regarding research by completing this statement, “I didn’t know _____.”

The legal/ethical dilemmas discussed in these cases are timeless, but the details of the case studies may be dated. If you would prefer, you may discuss a legal/ethical issue issue you have faced at your facility instead of analyzing a case. \ week 5

Measurement Strategies (graded)
Describe what reliability means in terms of research and why it is important. How does a researcher ensure that reliability is maintained in

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