Devry Bis 155 Final Exam-2015 Spring Essay

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Devry BIS 155 Final Exam-2015 Spring

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Question 1.1.(TCO 1) You are the Payroll Manager for your employer. Your payroll clerk has submitted the worksheet displayed here. All employees earn their regular pay rate times the hours worked plus an overtime bonus of 50% of the hours worked in excess of 40 hours.

Part 1: Write a formula as if it were in Cell E2 that will calculate gross pay. Write the formula so that it may be copied to the other employees without modification.

Part 2: You
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Explain what kind of analysis is best summarized by each of the six basic chart types.(Points : 40)

Question 3.3.(TCO 4) Jessica is an entry point student at DeVry University. In her BIS155 class, she has been provided a table including customer and sales data from an online e-business selling bait and tackle for both fresh and saltwater fishing. The layout of the table is organized with customer names in column A, purchase items in column B, purchase prices in column C, and phone numbers in column D. To assist Jessica, you as a tutor, agreed to help her with the following questions below:

1. If asked to provide a sales report for one specific customer including all purchase items in the report, which Excel function or tool should be used and why?
2. If asked to provide a sales report of all customers summarized to the level of totaled purchase prices, which Excel function or tool should be used and why?
3. If asked to visually represent the answer to question “2,” which Microsoft Excel tool should be used and why?
4. Would a Pivot table be feasible based on the table of data provided to Jessica? Why or why not?
(Points : 40)

Question 4.4.(TCO 5) Michael and Sally own 89 ice cream shops across the southeastern United States. In efforts to manage sales data collected from these ice cream shops, Michael and Sally currently have several workbooks developed with the same purpose and structure but with

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