Devotion Is The Most Rewarding Experience Essay

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Devotion is a loyalty to a promise, person, or mission. It means a person is consistently trustworthy and loyal. A person has to be willing to sacrifice and uphold the commitment of staying the course of life even if the challenges they will face are great, and their energy is fleeting and weakening. When someone is devoted to something, the object of devotion becomes a part of one’s self. The devotion itself is risky but is the most rewarding experience imaginable. Devotion is a love or enthusiasm for something or someone. It may be a personal focus on one’s beliefs, loyalty to relationships, and a commitment to schooling.
Devotion is a personal focus on one’s beliefs. Getting together with a group of friends or peers and giving time, prayer, and worship to the Lord is a way of devoting to one’s beliefs. It can also be a loyalty to something in the act of religion. For example a person must take time to memorize scripture so that they can be used to share verses with someone. In order to do that, someone must set aside time to read a Bible during one’s own day. This is to have a relationship with God and not be afraid to go out and share His word with others, whether it’s in a neighborhood or halfway across the world. The endless possibilities of a person being able to go on a mission trip and prepare a team of youth to go overseas to a third world country and build houses for the needy and helpless who search for something more. Someone gives food and a blessing to…

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