Devising Specific Policies For Reverse Logistics Essay

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• Devising specific policies for Reverse logistics.

• Allocating special budget for Reverse logistics.

• Including Reverse logistics as a Key Result area in Job responsibilities.

• Including Reverse logistics in training of employees.

• Dedicating special areas for Return material storage.

• Giving Reverse logistics same priority as forward logistics.

• Including Reverse logistics performance in employee appraisals.

• Nominating special transportation for returns.

• Collaborating between supply chain members for Reverse logistics.

• Maintaining appropriate costing data for returns.

• Dedicated software for reverse logistics. • Including Reverse logistics in MIS reports.

• Using data from failure analysis and product returns for product design, manufacturing, packaging design.

• Managing Reverse logistics for improved customer satisfaction.

2.6 Reverse Logistics Challenges and Barriers

2.6.1 Reverse Logistics Challenges
Brito and Dekker (2003)34 have explained the characteristics of RL which signifies the diversity and challenges in this field.
1) The motivation for RL ( economical and ecological)
2) The type of items (raw materials, in process goods, spare parts, packages, and consumer goods)
3) The form of reuse (reused directly, repairs, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling ) and processes ( collection, sorting, testing, transportation and processing).
4) The Actors involved (members of the forward flow channel or specialized…

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