Deviant Behavior Essay

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Deviant acts and behaviors can change the way others are viewed in society, whether it is in a positive or negative light. Sometimes we are placed in certain situations to commit a deviant act or behavior in order to survive or protect ourselves and even family. Some deviant behaviors we use to express who we are and to make social changes which makes others also follow and commit the same acts. Whether it is against the law or not against the law, we may commit deviant acts without even noticing exactly what is exactly going on in the situation.

The main form of deviance that stood out as something that would not fit into crime or delinquency is people who are homosexual. Those who associate themselves with the L.G.B.T community or the
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Some people view it as immoral, no matter the situation and you should never turn into any type of a deviant act. As an example, stealing is something that is looked at as a deviant behavior depending on who you ask according to the situation. A person who steals food for his or her family to eat is frowned upon, but it is not looked down on as if a person who was stealing a television or something for his or her satisfaction. Both are deviant acts and are looked as acts that should not be done, but there are certain situations where it is something that is somewhat accepted. I never would look down upon someone for stealing, killing, or doing something to protect someone or provide for their family if it was the very last option or they did not have a choice. Those who steal for themselves will always be something I would look down on as a deviant act and a criminal in the majority of people’s eyes. Deviant acts are sometimes necessary to make certain situations better for people in bad situations in life. My attitude towards deviance and deviant behavior relate exactly to my position in society. Growing up in a lower class neighborhood, I had friends who had close to nothing. Some of their families could not provide any of the necessary things for them. If they would have stolen someone not from around their society would not have understood, but from my point of view they just really needed some things and this was the only way to get those things. When you come from certain parts of society some deviant acts are not even looked at as a deviant act but somewhat of a norm. The views of everyone are shaped by the experiences they go through and what they see throughout their

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