Essay on Deviant Acts And Behaviors And Behavior

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Deviant acts and behaviors can change the way others are viewed in society, whether it is in a positive or negative light. Sometimes we are placed in certain situations to commit a deviant act or behavior in order to survive or protect ourselves and even family. Some deviant behaviors we use to express who we are and to make social changes which makes others also follow and commit the same acts. Whether it is against the law or not against the law, we may commit deviant acts without even noticing exactly what is exactly going on in the situation.

The main form of deviance that stood out as something that would not fit into crime or delinquency is people who are homosexual. Those who associate themselves with the L.G.B.T community or the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual community are still looked at as deviant people. These people are normal and are not quite accepted into society by everyone. This type of deviance can be used to show people it is acceptable to express themselves and be who they want to be in life. Yes, some places in the world, it is a crime to be a part of anything dealing with same sex relationships, but here in the United States it is not. They are not able to be married in the majority of places in the throughout the country, but there are places they can be. The people involved in the L.G.B.T community have made huge social movements and are changing laws throughout America. This has been something that was a huge deviance in many eyes, but now…

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