Social Deviance In A Multicultural Society

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How is Social behaviour viewed?
1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this report is to prove that deviance is not relevant in a multicultural society. This report seeks to find the various outcomes when looking at various different Cultural Theoretical perspectives such as structural strain theory as well as subcultures such as furries. The society that will be researched is Australia, as it is culturally diverse and has many different subcultures within. It is evident that deviance is not relevant in a multicultural society such as Australia however it is still relevant in regard to subcultures within mainstream Australian society.
2.0 Australian Snapshot
2.1 Cultural Diversity in Australia
Culture is historically defined as “the ideas, customs,
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However, in 1973 the White Australia Policy was abolished by the Whitlam government, and since then, steps have been made in the direction of Multiculturalism. In 1989 the Hawke government released the “National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia.” (Dr Henry Nicola, 2012) This stated that all people within Australia people had, by law:
• “The right to express individual heritage, language and religion;
• The right to equality of treatment and opportunity;
• The removal of racial, ethnic, religious, language, gender or birthplace
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Sometimes, an individual will not follow by the structure that society has produced, and will instead become members of a deviant subculture to attempt to reach these goals. The main concern is that societies don’t provide means to achieve cultural goals and due to this individuals face the gap “between ‘what ought to be’ and ‘what is’”. (Moffitt, Kimberly, 2014) The Structural Strain Theory outlines five modes for an individual; this

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