Essay about Deviance Of A Student Is The Most Important Role

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Deviance in Institutions

I have had many roles in my life: daughter, friend, employee, and student. Though being a daughter, a friend, and an employee have get meaning in my life, I find being a student is the most important role I have attained thus far. This is not only because I have been a student since three or four years old, but because it is being a student that will get me to be the woman I want to be in the future. However, with this role has come with many titles by family, friends, and especially school administrations. In an institution such as school, no matter what academic level, there will be teachers that label the students in some way: class clown, honors student, teacher’s pet, failure, deviant, et cetera. These labels can give you either the push to change your behavior or make you feel like the label fits and will stay forever. Coming to grips with your identity can be hard, especially if you have been labeled as deviant. The process to being labeled deviant can seem lengthy and slow, or you may not even notice you are being labeled—or at least that is what happened to me. The process of being labeled was developed by Adler and Adler (2006) andis called deviant identity career. They proposed a seven stage model for one being labeled as “different” by society. Stage one is when a person has been caught and publicly identified as different, in this case as deviant. The first time I was labeled was when my parents received my grade card in the fourth…

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