Deviance Is Part Of Sociology Essay

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Sociology is everywhere and most of us do not even know it. It is important for us to be aware of this study and how it relates to our everyday lives. Sociology studies our social behaviors in society. Deviance is part of sociology. When one commits a deviant behavior they perform an act or behavior that is outside of the norm. Norms are an ever changing set of rules and guidelines for behavior in a specific culture. Norms are defined and dealt with differently depending on each culture, thus some behaviors are more acceptable in one culture and not acceptable in another. A deviant act can simply be bagging someone 's groceries, paying for the person 's coffee behind them, or saying good morning to someone you have not met. Our culture sometimes calls this “giving back.” Most of us perform deviant acts and are not even aware of what we are doing. It is important to remember that being deviant is not only performing a so called “bad” behavior, but a deviant act can be good as well. Deviant behavior is revolves around the reaction from the act, not the act itself. This meaning, the bigger the deviant act the bigger the reaction. An example of this is murder. People will react more strongly to someone committing murder than someone who stole a piece of candy from a candy store.
Over several days, I committed a deviant act. I made a conscious decision to complementing as many random people as I could. I wanted to make sure my compliments were genuine because I felt I would get…

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