Deviance Is Based On Studying The Way People Violate Social Norms

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The study of deviance is based on studying the way people violate social norms or folkways. Folkways are norms created by society that specify the behaviors expected by individuals in everyday situations, and these folkways are developed through repetition of certain acts or behaviors. (Sumner, 1907, p. 3). To violate a folkway means to go against what the society views as normal. For this study, I decided to wear summer clothing in the winter, when there was snow on the ground. The folkway for this situation would be that people expect you to wear long pants, long sleeves and maybe a jacket in cold weather. Instead, I went outside to a public area in shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops.
Folkways act as a means of social control, because society decides what they will view and normal or abnormal. Because of this, different societies and cultures may have different folkways or norms. However, in America, it is commonly known by society that we dress according to the weather. Violating this norm of dressing inappropriately for the weather was guaranteed to elicit many different responses from the people I encountered. Before violating this folkway, I predicted that I would receive many different reactions from the people around me. Mostly, I predicted that the people who saw me would look at me in a different way, possibly to wonder why I’m wearing shorts. Also, I predicted that someone might ask me if I was cold because of the clothes I was wearing.
The day was Tuesday,…

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